“At Last! You Too Can Get Rid of Unsightly Stretch Marks and Scars !”

Marks on the skin, such as scars, cellulite and stretch marks can make people feel self-conscious and want to cover them.

Although the marks usually don’t cause pain or any physical side effects, they can make people upset or embarrassed. However, you can reduce the appearance of scars, cellulite and stretch marks with our amazing product from Thailand, Pasjel Precious Skin repair cream .

Marks on the skin can be due to a number of reasons and although they are normally painless, they often cause psychological effects.

The term ‘scar’ covers everything that was once an injury but has not fully healed over time, leaving you with a long-lasting mark that’s normally dark purple or silvery white. These can be left behind by cuts, grazes or other punctures to the skin and tend to happen when the original injury is more serious.Scarring is part of the body's healing process, after an event that has damaged the tissue (like an injury). When the tissue breaks, collagen is released and then begins to build up at the site of the wound. This is because it helps it to strengthen and heal, but the increase in the blood supply causes the wound to become red and raised. As the wound continues to heal, the collagen starts to break down and the mark becomes paler again, eventually becoming white, and normally staying that way permanently.


Cellulite is skin that is dimpled in appearance and tends to be found on the thighs, buttocks and hips. More prevalent amongst women, cellulite is very common in those who have gone through pregnancy and occurs in varying degrees of severity.Cellulite is when fat protrudes into the layer of skin, which explains why it’s easier for this to happen for women. The exact reason this happens however, is unknown..

Stretch marks are thin, silvery white lines that are grouped and tend to mimic stripes. Often found on the stomach, thighs, hips and chest, they are also common for women who have had children, as well as people who have put on or lost a lot of weight.Stretch marks are fairly self-explanatory, as they occur when the skin is tugged and stretched. This largely happens when a woman is pregnant (as the body accommodates a growing fetus) or when someone gains a lot of weight or loses a lot (especially if they do it rapidly). These marks are caused by an increase of cortisone in your system, which means that certain medications and other conditions can also lead to stretch marks.


Introducing the Thailand Pasjel Stretch Marks And Scars Removal Cream 

PasJel Precious Skin Body Cream is the answer for your skin discoloration, scarring, wrinkles and stretch mark problems.

PASJEL PRECIOUS SKIN BODY CREAM (STRETCH MARK REMOVAL) An award winning cream for removing STRETCH MARK, Dead pimples spots,fat lines and red skins.

Formulated with Alpha Arbutin, Collagen, Cucumber Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that effectively erases scarring, stretch marks and discoloration and at the same time imbue your skin with the necessary collagen to prevent and treat wrinkles and sagging.

Fade stretch marks has been created to promote cell regeneration and the development of increased skin fiber elasticity.The cream effectively repairs necrotic tissue and fades stretch marks due to a number of causes including obesity, growth pattern and post-pregnancy

Pure natural plant formula is rich in vitamin E, lanolin and α-arbutin, can efficiently lessen stretch marks, restore skin elasticity and improve skin firmness.

Function: Triple nutrition brings multiple effects: Centella Asiatica (repair skin & remove melanin); Vitamin E (highly nourish the skin); Small molecules beans collagen (collagen supplement & increase flexibility).

The non-greasy nature of the cream nourishes the skin and is quickly absorbed. Clothing can be worn immediately after using the cream. 

100% Safe: No alcohol or pigment, lead-free, mercury-free, no chemical fragrances added, absolutely safe with no side effects for maternity and children.

For skin: the legs, abdomen stretch marks skin redness due to obesity pattern caused by obesity.

Ingredients: pure natural plant formula, Centella Asiatica ( repair skin, melanin), vitamin E ( for the skin to inject more nutrition), small molecules beans collagen ( collagen supplement, increase flexibility).

Usage:1-2 times a day , evenly applied on the abdomen , thighs, buttocks and other parts, and massage in circular motions until absorbed . Recommended daily stick better

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